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What does a funeral cost?

Each funeral director will have subtle differences in their charges, terms of trade and conditions of service.

There are four main categories of charges with a funeral service; they may have different names with each funeral director, but the charges exist just the same.

In summary, these charges are:

At Frank J Siebert Funeral Directors, we believe sensitivity or commitment is not linked to price. We have directed funerals of ornate detail and ceremony where no expense has been spared, state funerals for significant community leaders, military funerals for Australian service personnel... and we have also directed tens of thousands of funerals private, humble and modest.

Yet given those vast differences, we always remain sensitive and focused … because at Frank J Siebert Funeral Directors we believe true sensitivity flows from how much we care, not how much you can afford.

We will help you consider your options, the cost, and assist you to arrange the funeral service you want. Please contact us at any time with any questions you may have.